Advising Your Freshman

"When a student becomes a freshman, everything starts to 'count'. Freshman grades are used in determining a student's GPA, and freshman courses, grades, and credits all become part of a student's transcript. Freshman activities, honors, and awards can are listed on college and scholarship applications."

  1. Monitor academic progress

Sit down with your son or daughter at the beginning of each trimester and help him/her set realistic academic goals . Provide encouragement and support, and
make sure that your son/daughter understands that freshman grades are very important.

2. Encourage involvement in a wide variety of activities

It is very important that your son or daughter participate in activities in and outside of school. Volunteer work in the form of community service in now a State
mandated requirement. A minimum of 40 hours is required in order to receive a high school diploma.

3. Plan meaningful enrichment activities during the school year and summer vacations

Just about every university will offer enrichment courses during the school year and during summer vacation. You can start the search for programs by entering "High School programs offered by Michigan State University" or you can just click on one of the links listed below.

4. Build ACT and SAT fluency

Remind your student to enroll in practice ACT and SAT practice sessions on line with Khan Academy and These sessions are free and very helpful!